Magnolia Sofa

Dimensions : 199cm*71cm*75cm / S.H.45cm
Net Weight : 31 Kg
Material : Polypropylene / Cushion & Back Cushion (fabric)
Color : Black / Brown / Gray / Tan / White
Model : 7023-SF
Please refer to the Fabric page for the patterns of the cushions and back cushions.

Design Concept
The Magnolia series are named as its floral meaning: love for nature, nobility, and literary character. The Magnolia series are noble and elegant, full of literary atmosphere, which can be used for indoor and outdoor, also in casual or formal occasion. The new plastic aesthetics rattan shows the beauty of three-dimensional and is the innovation and change of the traditional aesthetics, which can be fitted in the nature and living spaces.
(Picture for reference only, please prevail in kind.)