Touch-type Blender3511

Own the kitchen with beauty and nutrition
The most powerful blender keeps all nutrients from food and makes delicate and tasty vegetable and fruit mixed juice fast. It also breaks down almost all the valuable ingredients from food and makes human body to intake the dietary fiber and nutrition. With built-in A.I. program, the making of soy-bean milk and pottage becomes more easily and pleasant. Winning both Plus X Award from Germany and the Golden Pin Design Award in Taiwan, the food processor will serves you a life of health and beauty.

Intelligence makes cooking easier
Digital sliding touch panel serves six kinds of automatic cooking modes (including, smoothie, fruits and vegetables process, soy-bean milk, pottage, sauce and nuts) and the one button touch function. It also provides the slide control panel for various food-shredding RPM. Both Chinese and Western cuisines can be processed easily with the food processor. The timing of the cooking process is no longer hard to control as using the traditional food processor was. With one touch, automatic cooking and counting are accomplished easily. Slick appearance and easily-controlled makes our food processor
outstanding from other food processor for effortless wipe it clean.

※ Voltage: 120V / 60Hz
※ Power: 1560W
※ Weight: about 5.1KG
※ Size: W170xL200xH200mm

(Color page or screen set different depending on the shooting, the actual product shall prevail)


Touch-type Blender