Dimensions : 51cm*51.8cm*82cm / S.H.45cm
Net Weight : 4.5 Kg
Material : Polypropylene / Oak Veneer / Ash Veneer
Color : Grey+White / Lilac+Grape / Light Green+Rattan green / Amber+Orange / Blue ashes+Indigo
Model : 7059

Design Concept

The chair comprises a curvy polyproppylene one-piece shell.sustained dy an Gas-Assisted Injection Molding four-legged structure,which rises on the back,outlining a delicate butterfly-shaped frame. The distance between the backseat rear and the"wings"creates a shifting interplay of light and shade,as if the butterfly were flying.  The seat can be produced with different finishes,such as wood effect textures plywood,metal plating etc. and it's also available in a low-backseat version.
(Picture for reference only, please prevail in kind.)