Dimensions: 49cm*56cm*80cm / S.H.44cm
Net Weight : 5.5 Kg

Material: Polypropylene / Painted iron tube
Color : Aquamarine / Navy blue / Salmon / Rattan yellow / Pure Black / White
Model : 7060A

Design Concept
Polypropylene injection-moulded one-piece outdoor chair,combining technology,innovation and sartorial manufacturing skills. The seatback looks like it comprises two different sections,joined by a zigzag stitching;this detail holds an aesthetic and functional value and it becomes the fastening element for the seatback upper section cover;the cover can be easily removed and it's available in different fabrics,to customize the chair. Zigozago is offered in a colour combination inspired by the hues of lagoons all over the world,and the covers are matched tone-on-tone.The shell,with its recognizable and captivating profile, is inspired by nature’s geometry-by leaves in particular-and it’s characterized by veining and ribbing which confer resistance to the material while lightening it. The peculiar metal structure,painted in the same colours as the shell,is placed underneath the seat in the front and enclosed in the back,at the height of the sharp bend which marks the separation between the seat and the seatback.

(Picture for reference only, please prevail in kind.)